Nylon Ballad Solo Guitar

  • 25 semi-tones sampled
  • 7 random round-robins per sampled note
  • Sustain length ranges from 2 to 7 seconds
  • 16 bit, 44.1 khz mono WAV format
  • Only one velocity layer but velocity of played note affects volume

This is a generic acoustic nylon-string guitar that has been performed and sampled as a solo instrument. Many notes feature light vibrato to give a melodic and realistic quality. Not all the notes of this guitar have been sampled – just the top three strings, and just far up enough the highest string to give you good range to play with. Each sampled note has seven (yes 7) random round-robins so that you get some variation when you play the same note a couple of times in a row, as you might hear in a melody. Please listen to the demo and see if this instrument belongs in one of your compositions.

The instrument is suitable for a range of musical styles including pop, country, rock, hip hop, slow/medium ballads and more.


Note: This instrument is an “SFZ instrument” which is a free, cross-platform sampler format for virtual instruments (musical instruments played by computer software). The instrument is composed of a .SFZ file which points to a collection of audio samples. The SFZ file tells the sampler how to perform the notes when they are triggered by MIDI in a digital audio workstation; in other words, when you play a note, the SFZ file tells the sampler which audio files to play. Cakewalk has a free SFZ player but the one SampleSoundBank prefers is Plogue’s Sforzando.

Downloads coming soon!