License Agreement

Each product comes with a license agreement that must be adhered to by every purchaser.  It is published here so that potential customers can review the license agreement before making any attempt to purchase’s products.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us using the Contact Form.

License Agreement
This license agreement comes into force once the digitally sampled musical instrument (the “product”) has been purchased.  Do not attempt to use or install the product until you have read the terms and conditions below and have agreed to be bound by them.
By purchasing any product you agree to the following license terms:

  1. The purchaser is only granted the right to use the product in a royalty-free non-exclusive manner in their personal musical compositions.
  2. The license expressly forbids any re-distribution of this product in whole or part by any means.
  3. The samples in this product may not be included in, or resynthesized into, any other product other than personal musical compositions.
  4. Licenses cannot be transferred from the purchaser to any other individual or entity.
  5. The purchaser is prohibited from storing the product in any manner where it may be accessible by any other person or entity than the purchaser.
  6. is not responsible for any problems or losses that may be caused by the purchaser’s misuse of the product.
  7. Any unlicensed or unlawful usage will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law.
  8. All rights to this product including Copyright in its sound and samples are reserved exclusively by
  9. The purchaser promises to abide by international Copyright law.
  10. As you are purchasing a license with the accompanying digital musical instrument files on DVD-ROM, the “license” (the right to use the samples in personal musical compositions) cannot be “returned” therefore no refund is logically possible.
  11. If your purchased DVD-ROM is damaged in the process of delivery, it must be returned by post to the sender’s address for a new physical disk to be sent to you. The replacement disk will incur no extra fee as long as the original damaged disk is returned.
  12. makes no representation about the product that it may be suitable for any purpose.
  13. The product is offered as is without any warranty given or implied, including any concept of warranty implying quality or fitness for any purpose.
  14. The purchaser acknowledges that reasonable effort was made to ensure that the purchaser could read this License Agreement before purchasing the product.
  15. The purchaser acknowledges that they have read and accept the terms of this license and agree to be bound by them.
  16. Failure to comply with any term of this agreement will result in automatic termination of the purchaser’s license to use the product and may result in other action.
  17. Upon termination of the license as described in section 15, the purchaser agrees to destroy any copy of the product in their possession or control.
  18. These terms may be appended at any time without notice.

License Agreement ends.

If you have any interest in our samples outside of the license agreement above feel free to contact for more information.  Each product and all its sounds and samples are Copyright © 2016.