Stereo Glockenspiel

  • 30 semi-tones sampled
  • 6 random round-robins per note
  • Sustain length ranges from 1 to 6 seconds
  • 16 bit 44khz stereo WAV file samples (180 samples total)

This sampled instrument represents a metal glockenspiel (metallophone or vibraphone-style instrument). About two and a half octaves have been sampled in full stereo so the low notes sound more on the left side (left channel audio) while the high notes sound more on the right side (right channel audio).

Each semi-tone is sampled six times so that if you play the same note 2 or 3 times in a sequence you will most likely get a different sample played each time. You can also vary the velocity and this will change the volume respectively (though there is only one “velocity-layer” in the instrument).

Currently when the instrument is played it simulates what the performer would hear (low notes on the left, high notes on the right). If you are performing this instrument in a track you may prefer to reverse this (to simulate the “listener”) and this can be done in the instrument’s track of your digital audio workstation using a method you will have to research yourself.


This instrument is an “SFZ instrument” which is a free, cross-platform sampler format for virtual instruments (musical instruments played by computer software). The instrument is composed of a .SFZ file which points to a collection of audio samples. The SFZ file tells the sampler how to perform the notes when they are triggered by MIDI in a digital audio workstation; in other words, when you play a note, the SFZ file tells the sampler which audio files to play. Cakewalk has a free SFZ player but the one SampleSoundBank prefers is Plogue’s Sforzando.

This instrument is also available in Kontakt format. It will work in Kontakt full version 5.1 and later. It is NOT recommended or suitable for Kontakt Player. If you do not have full Kontakt Player version 5.1 or later then you should purchase the SFZ format and load the instrument using Plogue’s Sforzando.

Kontakt and SFZ samples

Kontakt and SFZ samples